Monday, February 9, 2009

Ryan's Weekend

Ryan's birthday was January 30th and he was baptized on January 31st. Granny Janny, Papa Butch and Tutu (Matt's mom, Amanda) all come for the weekend.

We wanted to take everyone to breakfast on Saturday for Ryan's big day. We tried getting into Maltby's but even trying to make reservations 2 days in advance, we couldn't get in. We ended up going to the Woodinville Cafe. I had the Almond Crusted French Toast...yummy! It was really good except the place is very small so I wouldn't go back with a large group.

Tutu helped my mom make fruit pizzas for the baptism. So good! I'll post a picture so you can see the deliciousness we got to enjoy.

The baptism was very nice. Ryan was so excited. He was baptized with his friend, Dylan. Matt confirmed him and the blessing was beautiful. He gets emotional during special occasions like this and it is a side of him that I wish everyone got to see more (including myself).

After the baptism, our family took Tutu to Snoqualmie Falls. It is always beautiful but is so much more impressive when it has been raining a lot and massive amounts of water are coming over the falls. Matt took the kids down the trail to get a lower look at the water. Amanda and I stayed in the gift shop and waited for everyone to get back so we could get some hot chocolate.

It was a very nice weekend. Just wish it was a big longer.


Jonathan and Cheri said...

Sounds like an awesome day with family - a guaranteed memory for Ryan's big year turning 8! The fruit pizza does look amazing =)

Beckie said...

So now I know what my glaze should have looked like if I would have put in the right amount of corn starch :)