Thursday, June 25, 2009

Words of Wisdom by Ryan

Today Ryan asked me when the next holiday was. I told him the 4th of July and then asked him if he knew what happened on the 4th to make it a holiday. He said it was the day America won its independence. One point for Ryan. He then asked me what happened on the 24th of July. I told him that was when the Saints (or pioneers) made it into the Salt Lake Valley. Ryan said, "Oh yeah, I knew that. You mean its when the Saints go marching in!" Ummm, sure.
We also just found out that Michael Jackson passed away. I switched the TV on and turned to MTV so I could show the boys who Michael Jackson was. They were showing the 'Beat It' video. After about 30 seconds, Ryan looks at me and asks "Michael Jackson was a girl?" I informed him that he indeed was a boy. "But how can he sing that high? I'm pretty sure she is a girl." Can ya' really blame the boy?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy 6th, Cade!

Today Cade turned 6 and this whole weekend has been all about him. Yesterday we took a group of his friends to see the movie 'Up' in 3D. All the kids seemed to really enjoy it. As part of the birthday deal, each kiddo got a drink, popcorn and a treat to have during the show. I think we only had one boy lose his food when he stood up from his seat, put the treat box on the seat and let go. There wasn't enough weight to hold the seat down so the treat box went flying. After the movie, someone took us all on a tour of the projection room. We could have skipped the whole tour part. I don't think the guy had much experience in dealing with the younger crowd because he didn't try very hard to keep their attention. Oh well. We went back to the party room where Cade got to open presents. I had talked to him before the party about not saying anything bad about any of the presents. I could just imagine him saying something like "I didn't really want this." He actually did a great job letting each guest know exactly how much he LOVED everything.
Today was the family birthday celebration. Cade opened gifts this morning and then after church we had cake. Much more laid back than yesterday.
Happy birthday, Cade!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy Busy Bees

This point in the school year is when I feel I am so ready for summer break. I thought we were busy when we were in baseball season but now that school is winding up for the year, we are getting hammered with things to do. Here is a (kind of brief) breakdown on what's been going on.

Ryan is finally done with baseball. I was a little worried at the beginning of the season on how well Ryan would like being in (and how well he could play) baseball. Midway thru the season though, things clicked and Ryan did GREAT! This is a picture of him with his almost double. He would have made it to second base but he missed first and had to go back. He improved a ton and ended up being quite the player.

Cade really liked his first year of tball.

Maddy took this season off from softball so got to (or had to if you ask her)go to all the boys games.

We were able to enjoy Duvall Days.

Worked on putting in a new pathway to our gate.

The kids came up with 'Make Your Mom Happy Day'.

Matt, Maddy and Ryan have learned a few piano tunes.

Cade got to celebrate his birthday with his fellow kindergarteners.

The boys were boys.

And Maddy...I'm just not sure.