Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy Busy Bees

This point in the school year is when I feel I am so ready for summer break. I thought we were busy when we were in baseball season but now that school is winding up for the year, we are getting hammered with things to do. Here is a (kind of brief) breakdown on what's been going on.

Ryan is finally done with baseball. I was a little worried at the beginning of the season on how well Ryan would like being in (and how well he could play) baseball. Midway thru the season though, things clicked and Ryan did GREAT! This is a picture of him with his almost double. He would have made it to second base but he missed first and had to go back. He improved a ton and ended up being quite the player.

Cade really liked his first year of tball.

Maddy took this season off from softball so got to (or had to if you ask her)go to all the boys games.

We were able to enjoy Duvall Days.

Worked on putting in a new pathway to our gate.

The kids came up with 'Make Your Mom Happy Day'.

Matt, Maddy and Ryan have learned a few piano tunes.

Cade got to celebrate his birthday with his fellow kindergarteners.

The boys were boys.

And Maddy...I'm just not sure.


Beckie said...

Where was that pic of the boys taken?

jen said...

Juanita Beach in Kirkland

Sara said...

Did you guys mean to match and all wear red to the Duvall days?

Sara Joy

jen said...

Yes we did intend to match. Everyone in the Primary wore red.

Grammy Rae said...

How much fun it all looks. It brings back memories of crazy days with kids.