Sunday, July 25, 2010


Maddy decided she would like to try her hand at making cupcakes all on her own today. I made sure she remembered to read the directions on the box and to only fill the cups 2/3 or 3/4 of the way full. She let me know she had made cupcakes before and she knew what she was doing.
I saw her start to work on putting the mix in the cups and I heard her put the pan in the stove. A few minutes later I see Maddy eating out of the bowl. I asked her why she was eating the mix and she said it was just the leftover. Leftover? I open the stove and she had filled each cup all the way to the top. She didn't realize you could get more than 12 cupcakes out of a box. She just figured she needed to put more in the pan and the rest was fair game.
Once the cupcakes came out of the oven, they couldn't cool fast enough for the chef. She sat in front of the fan with the cupcakes trying to get them to cool faster. Once I gave the okay to frost them, Maddy tried going with a beach theme. After frosting one cupcake she decided to bag it. She did add some umbrellas for some extra flair. They turned out beautiful!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Funny Things They Said...

We were all swimming on Saturday when Cade wanted to show Matt how he could go to the bottom of the pool.

Cade: I can't sit on the bottom of the pool. I keep floating to the top.

Matt: When you go under water, blow all your air out and it will help you stay

Cade: That's called drowning.

Granny Janny took Maddy to the movie Saturday night. They went out for pizza before hand.

Granny Janny: Did you realize before you can graduate from high school, you have to
take some foreign language class? What language would you like to

Maddy: Italian because I already know some of it...lasagna, pizza, spagetti.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

ChelanMan 2010

Matt has been so busy this year traveling. He signed up for the ChelanMan hoping he would get some good training time in but it just didn't happen. He decided to put his body thru tourture anyway to see how he would do.
Matt doesn't like to travel the day before a race so we left for Manson late Thursday night. We couldn't leave until 8:30pm because Ryan had Cub Scout Day Camp all week and Thursday was his last day. We even pulled him out a little early so we could go. He loved camp but I think he was fine leaving because he was so exhausted. The kids did really well driving so late. Most of us stayed awake.

I had originally planned on just taking the kids to the pool again while Matt did the 1/2 Iron. I don't know why but come race day, I always feel guilty for not going when I am that close. Papa Butch dropped us off in Chelan and we caught Matt just as he was coming in on his bike.

I'm so glad we did because then we had a good idea of how long we would have to wait for the run part to be over with. 13 miles later, Ryan and Cade joined Matt in the last part of the race and crossed the finish line with him. Matt ended up placing 8th in his age group. Not bad at all.

Tour de France Party

July is a busy DVR month at our house. That is because Matt is constantly recording the Tour de France. He is not the only one here in our small town doing the same thing. Our friends, the Bostrons, actually throw a Tour de France or Yellow (for the yellow jersey) Party. Now a bike party would not be my first thought of having a good time but they actually throw a mighty fine party. Most Saturdays a group of men go out together and have their own version of a playdate or a bike ride. These riders are all invited to bring a yellow colored food over and watch a day of the Tour.

You are also required to wear yellow and chalk up their driveway and the living room is decorated with various jerseys and bike magazines. The backyard is a kids playground with huge water toys, a swingset and a trampoline. We had a great time, Bostrons! Thank you!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer So Far

It took forever for summer to finally come to the Seattle area. It wasn't until the end of June that the temperature finally hit 75 degrees. Luckily we have had a lot going on in Manson so we have been able to enjoy the sun over there. Here is a quick rundown of what has gone on this month so far.

My 20th class reunion was 4th of July weekend. A big ole class of 25 of us graduated together. Many of us went to both grade school and high school together. Friday night we went to Tracy's for a casual dinner. It was fun to see people I haven't seen for so long. It's interesting that you can have people in your life for so many years, not see them for just as many and when you get together, feel like you have kept in touch all along. Saturday we went to Willow Point Park for a potluck and some playing in the water. The boys had plenty of other kiddos to play with. There were boys Maddy's age but no girls over 6 I believe.

My cousin Jared brought down their kayak. Cade loved it. Ryan did it and liked it but I think did it just to say he did it. When Matt took Ryan out, they were almost back to shore and flipped over. They would both do it again for sure.

The boys loved the jetskis but Maddy would have nothing to do with it. A little bit of stubbornness in that girl.

Mom and dad went down to Utah and picked up 4 of their grandkids to bring back here for Cousins Week. No parents are invited to stay so Matt and I took off Monday morning. The kids all did great. They spent lots of time either at the lake or in a pool or in the dirt. The boys came in one of days insisting they found a snake. They took Granny Janny out to see it. They described it as part black mamba, part rattlesnake. Ryan thought he saw something on top of its head so Aden knew it must have been a horned viper.

The best place to watch fireworks is on Lake Chelan. Every year we go to the same spot on the lake. Thanks, Alice!

I went back on Thursday so mom and dad could leave Friday morning to get the other kids back to their parents. Friday night was Michelli's reception so I got to watch Mary put her wedding cake together.

Here is the happy couple with her parents who came up from Brazil.

I just have to throw in a picture of my little friend, Gabe. Such a cutie!