Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer So Far

It took forever for summer to finally come to the Seattle area. It wasn't until the end of June that the temperature finally hit 75 degrees. Luckily we have had a lot going on in Manson so we have been able to enjoy the sun over there. Here is a quick rundown of what has gone on this month so far.

My 20th class reunion was 4th of July weekend. A big ole class of 25 of us graduated together. Many of us went to both grade school and high school together. Friday night we went to Tracy's for a casual dinner. It was fun to see people I haven't seen for so long. It's interesting that you can have people in your life for so many years, not see them for just as many and when you get together, feel like you have kept in touch all along. Saturday we went to Willow Point Park for a potluck and some playing in the water. The boys had plenty of other kiddos to play with. There were boys Maddy's age but no girls over 6 I believe.

My cousin Jared brought down their kayak. Cade loved it. Ryan did it and liked it but I think did it just to say he did it. When Matt took Ryan out, they were almost back to shore and flipped over. They would both do it again for sure.

The boys loved the jetskis but Maddy would have nothing to do with it. A little bit of stubbornness in that girl.

Mom and dad went down to Utah and picked up 4 of their grandkids to bring back here for Cousins Week. No parents are invited to stay so Matt and I took off Monday morning. The kids all did great. They spent lots of time either at the lake or in a pool or in the dirt. The boys came in one of days insisting they found a snake. They took Granny Janny out to see it. They described it as part black mamba, part rattlesnake. Ryan thought he saw something on top of its head so Aden knew it must have been a horned viper.

The best place to watch fireworks is on Lake Chelan. Every year we go to the same spot on the lake. Thanks, Alice!

I went back on Thursday so mom and dad could leave Friday morning to get the other kids back to their parents. Friday night was Michelli's reception so I got to watch Mary put her wedding cake together.

Here is the happy couple with her parents who came up from Brazil.

I just have to throw in a picture of my little friend, Gabe. Such a cutie!


sherry said...

Nothing better than being together with the family. Its nice you are close by.

Roni Freund said...

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