Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tour de France Party

July is a busy DVR month at our house. That is because Matt is constantly recording the Tour de France. He is not the only one here in our small town doing the same thing. Our friends, the Bostrons, actually throw a Tour de France or Yellow (for the yellow jersey) Party. Now a bike party would not be my first thought of having a good time but they actually throw a mighty fine party. Most Saturdays a group of men go out together and have their own version of a playdate or a bike ride. These riders are all invited to bring a yellow colored food over and watch a day of the Tour.

You are also required to wear yellow and chalk up their driveway and the living room is decorated with various jerseys and bike magazines. The backyard is a kids playground with huge water toys, a swingset and a trampoline. We had a great time, Bostrons! Thank you!

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