Thursday, June 25, 2009

Words of Wisdom by Ryan

Today Ryan asked me when the next holiday was. I told him the 4th of July and then asked him if he knew what happened on the 4th to make it a holiday. He said it was the day America won its independence. One point for Ryan. He then asked me what happened on the 24th of July. I told him that was when the Saints (or pioneers) made it into the Salt Lake Valley. Ryan said, "Oh yeah, I knew that. You mean its when the Saints go marching in!" Ummm, sure.
We also just found out that Michael Jackson passed away. I switched the TV on and turned to MTV so I could show the boys who Michael Jackson was. They were showing the 'Beat It' video. After about 30 seconds, Ryan looks at me and asks "Michael Jackson was a girl?" I informed him that he indeed was a boy. "But how can he sing that high? I'm pretty sure she is a girl." Can ya' really blame the boy?


Grammy Rae said...

My mom, sister and I enjoyed the words of wisdom from Cade.

Sarah said...

He's not the only one that questioned the gender of said Pop Star. He started out looking like a boy, but slowly morphed into LaToya.