Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Boy Named Boob

I am writing this down for 2 reasons:

1. So Bailee's mom will know it is not just girls.
2. So I will have something to either embarrass Ryan with later or to remind Ryan what he put us thru.

Take your pick.

Matt took Ryan into Scouts tonight and as soon as he was away from his son, he called me. He called to tell me the conversation he had just had in the car with his 8 year old.

Matt: "How was school today?"

Ryan: "Fine. I thanked Bailee for the cookie."

Matt: "That's nice."

Ryan: "Then she told me I was going to be her future husband."

Matt: "What did you say?"

Ryan: "Uh, oooookay and then I walked away. I have a friend nicknamed Boob who tells us things we should know about girls. Girls like shiny things. Girls are always jealous. Girls will totally faint if you flick your hair like this. I did it and Bailee totally fainted. Jackson has done it and made 26 girls faint. Girls love it. I have 3 girls totally in love with me."

I'm thinking a few things: why is a boy nicknamed Boob? what makes him a girl guru? what is this hair flick that induces fainting? do Ryan and his friends even know what fainting is? what is Matt going to think when I tell him it is time to have a talk with Ryan about girls? Hopefully after Ryan has this talk with his dad, he will still have Bailee as a girl friend, just not a girlfriend.


Patti Smith said...

Oh, what 2nd graders think of! Too funny!

Beckie said...

Oh WOW!! That is quite the conversation!! Don't let him share this info with Aden.

The Ascanios said...

haha! That is awesome...

Anonymous said...

He wasn't suppose to expose the fact that men have finally figured out the female! He will manage to loose this knowledge between now and when he really needs it in a few years. Unc Dale

Emilee & Paul said...

I hope your "talk" works out better than ours apparently did. I told Bailee that she can still like Ryan and hope to be his girlfriend when they're older, but I don't want her to break-up with him / get back together, etc anymore. I guess I forgot to tell her to not talk about marriage! How stupid of me to forget that one! . . . my bad!!! :)

sherry said...

You are smart to write it down. I love little boys. They really are so charming. Love your blog and we are staying at Ko Olena on the main island. I hear Tiffany is moving here.