Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cade Should Turn Pro!

On Saturday, my mom and dad came over at the last minute for Ryan's basketball game. After the game, Matt suggested in front of the kids that mom and dad should take the kids back to Manson with them. I could go over after church the next day and come back Tuesday since the kids are on mid-winter break. So the plan was set. We hurried home and packed the kids clothes up and off they went.
I left on Sunday and went from warm weather (50 degrees is warm for here in February) to snow. The kids just about drove me crazy since they were stuck inside because in our rush to pack, we didn't pack any outdoor winter clothing besides a coat. No boots, no gloves.
Granny Janny suggested turning on the Wii and Cade challenged Maddy to a game of bowling. The kid is awesome! He bowled a 230! He got 8 strikes in a row. Maddy, knowing she was no match for Cade, changed her goal of scoring any points to trying to get gutter balls in her neighbor's lane. Way to set your goals so high, Maddy! We are so proud! Cade, we are taking you to Vegas!

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Grammy Rae said...

Did Cade take on Granny Janny?