Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunshine and Memorial Day

Last Thursday my dad came over to watch one of Cade's baseball games. We were so glad it didn't get rained out. I let the kiddos skip school on Friday and we headed over to Manson with Papa Butch. I am so glad we did. Matt came over after he was done with some work stuff and got caught in all the traffic.
Saturday morning Cade helped Granny Janny make cinnamon rolls.

While they were busy baking, Uncle Dale and Nick had flown to Stehekin in Dale's helicopter to go to breakfast. On their way back they decided to fly by Granny Janny and Papa Butch's house.

What you don't see in this picture is the big wrapped up cinnamon roll they threw out the window to us. Yummy!

The boys helped make rolls and all 3 kids each made their own loaf of bread.

Can you tell which the kids made and which Granny Janny made?

The boys caught lizards.

Cade helped make homemade ice cream and then got to be the one to enjoy the paddle from the ice cream maker.

Dale called this morning to see if the kiddos wanted to take a ride in the helicopter. He drove into the airport and we were to watch for him flying over the house. That was our clue to get to the landing spot. Ryan and I went out on the deck to keep an eye out for him. While we are out there, we see a bunch of what we thought were hawks. We noticed they were all landing in the same spot in the orchard. Ryan of course wanted to go check it out. We were able to get some pictures of the birds from the deck. I don't know where Ryan had gone to but I ended up taking my camera and heading down into the orchard to try to get a better look. I got about 2 rows in when a little bird flew past and scared me half to death! I knew these other birds I was hunting down were bigger. All I could think of was the movie 'The Birds'. I kept moving down into the trees and saw the birds sitting on the ground. I walked down a couple more rows when all of a sudden 7 (SEVEN) of these monster birds came flying out!

Nope. These were no hawks. These were turkey vultures! I have never seen one and I didn't even know they existed in these parts. They have these red beaks and look like big fat chickens but nastier! These pictures really don't get across their scary side.

The kids had a blast in the helicopter. How lucky are they? We were laughing when it was Ryan's turn to walk up to the helicopter. He is about 4'8" and notice in this picture how low he bends down when getting close to the copter. I think he has seen too many movies/tv shows with them doing it.

Maddy enjoyed hanging out with Dale's grandson, Rock, while his daddy helped get people in and out of the copter.

It was a good weekend. Lots of family, water balloons fights, swimming, sunshine. Of course no one ever wants to leave. And when we did go, this is what we saw the whole way home...

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The Ascanios said...

That picture of Cade seriously cracks me up.