Monday, May 24, 2010

She Really Wanted Sisters

Saturday night our church had a progressive dinner. We went to one house for appetizers with one group. Another group came to dinner at our house for the main course and then everyone finished up at another house for dessert. It was a lot of fun!
We left our 3 kiddos at home during the activity. We told them they could be downstairs while we were gone but when we came back for the main course, they needed to go upstairs and watch tv in our room. They were really good. We knew they were planning on popping popcorn but we were quite surprised to see what we did before we left for dessert. I had Maddy take a picture but I will not post any due to the fact that I would like my sons to still talk to me.
Before we left for dessert, Matt went upstairs to let the kids know there were extra meatballs if they wanted them. He came back down and let me know I needed to go see the boys. As I am going up the stairs, I see a streak(er) go by. It was Ryan in a batman shirt and a pair of Maddy's orange and black striped tights from her Halloween costume. He jumped into my bed before I got a really good look. Then I hear Cade say "I smell like blueberries!" I turn around and Cade has no shirt on, a black pair of Maddy's tights and clip on disco-ball earrings.
I know Maddy doesn't like being the only girl but this is ridiculous!


The Ascanios said...

Haha my dad told me about that last night, poor Maddie.

Sara said...

I think that's mean to tell us you have the pictures and not post them.

Marianne & Clayton said...

Ha ha! Kids don't read blogs, do they? I say it's fair game until they find out. But then that isn't exactly good parenting.