Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Playing Catch Up

The past month has gone so fast!

Cade started baseball. He really likes it. It is nice not to have any Saturday games.

He is doing well running and not playing in the dirt.

Matt has been in California for business.

I have been busy with Teacher Appreciation week. Lots of fun but lots of work. We did personalized Jones Soda bottles, a breakfast, student questionaires, lunch and gift bags. Teaching is such an unappreciated profession so it was really worth all the work.

As soon as I was done passing out gift bags on the last day of the week, we headed over to my parents for Apple Blossom Weekend. We got part way over and I realized I was feeling a bit sick. Not car sick. Just sick. Matt and my sister Sara took the kids to run the Pig Jig Saturday morning. Cade ran the 2k with my cousin Jeffrey. I asked Cade later how he did. He said he came in 15th but if he hadn't had to wait on Jeffrey, he would have come in 1st. Talk about throwing your running partner under the bus! Matt ran the 5k with Ryan and Maddy. Ryan ended up finishing in just over 27 minutes. I never heard Maddy's time but she felt great about it. They did get rained on during the run but the sun came out in time for the parade. It turned out to be a beautiful weekend. Me...I didn't leave the house.

Matt has been in California for business.

The kiddos have one month of school left. It has sure gone fast! Maddy is excited to move on to middle school. Ryan will be in 4th grade and Cade in 2nd. My friend, Katie, and I are in charge of 5th grade graduation. I'll post our PTA gift to the students later.

Matt has been in California for business. Really, Matt has been gone a lot. He is working on a big project with the Gap. He came home a couple trips ago and informed me he would not be traveling for awhile. Guess who was gone the next week?! Silly boy. Now that the kids are getting a bit older, its not that bad. Trying to coordinate all the schedules is a bit more difficult. He finally got signed up for the Chelanman Triathlon so is getting geared up for that.

I know a lot more has happened but I just can't remember.

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The Ascanios said...

I'm sorry you got sick, that's not fun, especially on Apple Blossom. You were missed!