Friday, May 8, 2009

He said WHAT?!

Every year for Mother's Day, Cade's kindergarten teacher, Ms C, invites all the moms in for snack time with the kids. Each mom brings a special snack for her and her kiddo and then the kinders sing some songs. This year she also had the kids answer some questions about their mom. The questions were simple enough. What does your mom like to snack on? Cade's response was ravioli. Really? I like ravioli but don't ever recall 'snacking' on it. What is your mom's favorite sport? He says all of them. What does your mom do in her free time when she is not doing mom stuff? The paper says shopping. The mom filling out the sheets tells me Cade actually answered quite differently. His original response was "looking for a man to marry." Wonder if I should tell Matt.


Marianne & Clayton said...

I know E-Harmony says so, but it's not "ok to look". Isn't it nice the trouble they can get you into?

Sarah said...

So you're into reverse polygamy? Washington is getting so liberal these days.