Monday, January 5, 2009

When did I have this kid?!

Christmas was good this year. The kids went to bed so well Christmas Eve. Matt and I finally got to bed a little before midnight. I was almost out when Ryan came in.

"Hi, Mom. Whats going on? Did Santa come yet?"

Umm. "Nope, it is still Christmas Eve Ryan. You better hurry back to sleep."


Half and hour later...

"Did Santa make it yet?"

"Nope. Back to bed."

I don't recall how many times he made it back in to our room to check on Santa but finally at about 7:00am we all rolled out of bed. The boys each got a new bike and Maddy got a clock/Ipod player for her room. This year Matt decided to go 'waste free' and got each kid a date night with Dad. Matt and Maddy are going to go to a play together at the Childrens Theatre. Ryan and Cade get to go with Dad to a Harlem Globetrotters game.

A few of my gifts from Matt didn't make it in time for Christmas due to weather. Matt, not able to keep things secret for too long, told me he had gotten me an heirloom quilt. It has 9 pictures of our family or the kids on it. He pulled up the pictures so I could see which he had put on the quilt. As we are going thru each one, he comments on how cute each one of the kids are. We get to one picture and he says, "Remember when Ryan wouldn't even touch Cade let alone hold him?" I said, "Sure I do but this isn't a picture of Ryan and Cade." Now I have a beautiful quilt to put on my wall with my beautiful one. I am thinking that it is Rebecca and Jeremy's youngest, Jayden. I'm attaching the picture and if this kiddo belongs to you, let me know! He does look mighty cute in the picture!

(Picture is on bottom row, center)


Grammy Rae said...

I did the same thing to Aaron's quilt. The first thing out of his mouth when seeing the t-shirt quilt is, "That isn't my t-shirt. It must be Nick's." We try. Where is the picture of the heirloom quilt?

Bec said...

Ryan is holding Jayden - I am sure he will love to find out that he is now featured with his cousins on a quilt! You have to hand it to Matt though, what a great idea. He gets an A for effort and bonus points for trying to pull it off all by himself!

Jonathan and Cheri said...

What an awesome idea! Good husband =)

Katie said...

So cute! I think I want to make one like that!

Anonymous said...

Wow... I think your Matt actually wins this time! Both for the idea and also the memorability factor.