Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just a Little Water Problem

Yesterday right after the kids walked out the front door, I got an email saying that school had been changed to a half day because of the flooding occuring in the valley. When we have flooding here, there are two ways people react. If it is minor flooding, people know that a couple roads might get shut down and it is no big deal. If it is major flooding, people can kind of get into panic mode. Safeway is crazy with everyone stocking up on groceries, getting gas, preparing for island desertion. You see, we have 4 roads that lead into/out of Duvall. One from Monroe, one from Carnation, the 124th bridge and the Woodinville/Duvall bridge. The roads from Carnation and the 124th bridge closing are really no biggy. Those can close with minor flooding. It just means you are going to have to wait your turn to cross the bridge into town. Yesterday some friends had to wait an hour to cross. If the Woodinville/Duvall bridge closes, Duvall becomes an island. People cant come and people cant go. It also means no deliveries to the 2 stores we have here. Last time we had major flooding, Matt didn't make it home. Lucky for us, the bridge closed during the night so he gets to enjoy this one with us. Once the bridge does get closed though, it is like things calm down a lot. At that point there is not a whole lot you can do so you better just live with it. We took the kids to the bridges to see the water. I think we would have stayed longer or checked out the trail but it was windy and cold (Okay it was 47 degress but the wind made it feel a lot colder.) Here are some pictures.

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fawndear said...

I love reading everyone's view of the flooding.
We would go to Safeway, not to buy anything but just to watch the shelves empty and see how parnoid everyone was. It was a good eye-opener for my kids, and hopefully we can get them involved in the clean-up somehow.