Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter (Not So) Fun

Yesterday wasn't the best of days around these parts. I went to bed at about midnight and woke up at 1:30am because our power had gone out and someone's house alarm was going off. I also realized that I was freezing. I came downstairs to check the thermostat and it read 61 degrees. I started a fire and tried to see if there was something I could do but wasn't able to figure anything out. Matt got up, tried a few things and went back to bed. I planted myself in front of the fireplace to keep it going all night. Once daylight finally came and with some help from my brother Matt, we decided it was the ignitor thinger. My Matt (not brother Matt) decided it was an easy enough fix and he could do it. (I keep having to remind Matt about his dryer fixing experience.) That's when I decided to call the heating people. They made it here pretty quickly and it ends up the part we thought was broken was. Problem is that the part to fix it was in Everett in his van that was currently stuck in snow in his driveway. He could go pick one up but then we would be charged for travel time. He told Matt where to find the part and how to put it in. So one heater part and $180.00 (for 1/2 hour) later, we finally have heat!
We haven't gotten mail (or UPS) in a week due to road conditions. Some friends have been able to get to the post office and pick their mail up there. Once we got the heat issue taken care of, Matt decides it is time to get to work. First he is going to stop by the post office. After a while, I call him on his cell to see if he was able to make it there. Nope. He is in a ditch. Someone tried to help him out but his tow rope broke. A couple of guys in a big 4x4 see whats going on so try to help. It puts the car further in the ditch and gets them stuck. Luckily they were able to get themselves out. Others came by to see what they could do but the car was too far in and the roads were way to slippery. We were finally able to get ahold of a tow truck driver who thought he might be able to help. $192.00 later, we got our car back. It needs the alignment checked but all considered, thats not bad.
So today I am so grateful. Grateful for heat and tow trucks.


Grammy Rae said...

Isn't heat wonderful!

Jonathan and Cheri said...

Glad you have your heat back - we are still waiting on a part because it was only $143 online and wait for a few days to install it ourselves or $285 for showing up at our door, $500 for the part and then labor! We borrowed 3 heaters and are toasty for the time being. Sorry to hear your day was so expensive - but you have an awesome attitude girl =)

sherry said...

Jen thanks for commenting on my blog. I also love to see other peoples blogs. So much fun.. Tell you brother in law if he does happen to see a missionary wondering around in shock that it is my Nate. He still is in that state. Hopefully he will be able to serve in your bother in laws ward. Have a great New Year