Saturday, November 22, 2008

Turning 10

Maddy turned 10 in October. I was really ready for a birthday without her getting a bunch of stuff. Stuff that I knew would get pushed under her bed never to see the light of day until the next time I went up to clean her room. This year, we decided to do something a little bit different. Instead of her friends bringing Maddy a present, we had each girl drop some fleece off at the house the week before the party. I washed the material and cut strips along the edges. Party day came and as the girls showed up, we put a strip of sticky paper on their foreheads with something or someone written on it...Batman, Frankenstein, black cat, etc. They couldn't see what was on the paper. The girls sat on the floor around the fleece squares and had to ask questions about who/what they were while they tied the fleece strips in knots. Maddy donated these blankets to Project Linus. Project Linus gathers quilts for kids who are going thru some kind of trauma. She also was able to give one to a friend's son who just had hand surgery.
This past week, Maddy received a thank you note in the mail with her official blanketeer patch.

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