Monday, November 24, 2008

Parent Teacher Conferences

Last Friday and the first three days of this week are all half days at school. Lucky Cade doesn't have school at all because of parent-teacher conferences.
Our conference with Maddy's teacher was last Friday. Maddy is one who always likes to be good so we didn't expect to hear anything too terrible from Mrs K. Maddy is doing really well with reading and writing and is where she should be with math. Mrs K would like to see Maddy take on more of a leadership role in class.
Ryan's conference was this morning. Ryan is a very smart boy but he likes to be first at everything so he tends to rush his work a bit. He gets things right the majority of the time but can be a touch on the sloppy side. When he finishes his work, Miss C lets him help the other kids (especially Bailee who says Ryan is her boyfriend) with their work. He is very good at math and at reading. Writing is definitely not his favorite subject. He is a class rep for ASB and is a Tech Kid which means he gets to help the kindergarteners in computer lab. He loves being busy!
To be honest, Matt and I were a little worried about Cade's conference. He is often in his own world...Cade's world. He used to tell his friends about how I owed people lots of money and how he had another mother but she was in jail. Get the idea? He is also such a 'go-with-the-flow' kind of person. Doesn't have a care in the world. He is also one of the younger kids in his class. Anyway, we sit down with Ms C and she tells us how well Cade is doing. She says she really is a bit surprised because he is so laid back, you can't tell if he has really grasped what is being taught. They do little 'tests' to make sure kids are getting the concepts and Cade is getting it! Ms C says Cade is a really good learner and is further along than they expect the kiddos to be at this point.
Way to go, young scholars!

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