Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birch Bay and the Tulip Festival

Matt and I decided to finally do something this spring break and took the kiddos to Birch Bay for a night.

View from our room.

These planes kept flying over our hotel.

Looking for crabs.

Finding a crab.

Cade after getting pinched by above crab.

Beautiful sunset.

Ryan enjoying some last beach time.

Just a couple of the millions of tulips.

Matt and I.


Maddy, Ryan and Cade.

Cade trying to get his picture taken while a bug flies in his ear.


Sara said...

I love the picture of the 3 kids and how Cade has his hands on his hips. Cute!

The Ascanios said...

I love the chronological order of the crab, and Cade's face at the end! haha

Beckie said...

Ohhh and we are all getting a good laugh at Cade's expense. Hahaha. Poor kiddo!

Grammy Rae said...

Beautiful photography. Many of those just need a frame.

Cori said...

I too love Cade's face when he got bit! (LOL!) Wonderful photos Jen!

Lindsea said...

I love those pictures! Makes me want to go to a West coast beach.