Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Did he really just say that?

Ryan was sitting on my lap last night talking to me. (He very quickly got thrown off.) He asked me who the guy was the started Microsoft. I told him that was Bill Gates. He started giving me some Microsoft information and said something about how long they have been around. I made the mistake of telling him I was older than Microsoft and he made the mistake of telling me how old I was.

Tonight I took the kids to Safeway with me to pick a few things up. They really like the rotisserie chicken so I asked if that's what they would like for dinner. Cade says, "I don't know what chicken you are talking about!" Maddy, Ryan and I tried to describe the bird to him. He then says, "Oh, you mean the chicken with the turkey legs!"

Those are Matt's boys.


Anonymous said...

I think sometimes our kids are sent to us to humble us. Other times they are just a great source of entertainment!

sherry said...

You have such cute kids. I am glad you are writing these things down. They will love to read them when they are my boys age.