Sunday, October 18, 2009


Last summer we drove down to Utah to see family. We saw Sara in Boise. We saw Matt and Sara and their boys and Beckie and Doug and their kids in Salt Lake. While we were in Salt Lake we got to go to the wedding of another family member. Family in a kind of not really related sense but close enough. Matt's brother's wife's sister, Kristen got married. (Matt's brother, Hyrum, is married to Karyn. Karyn and Kristen are sisters.) Kristen accomplished a lot in her pre-40s, went on a church mission, had a good career. Last summer she was able to marry in the Manti Temple. This past spring she gave birth to a little girl, Kaylee.
We received an email from Karyn last night. Kristen was at the airport in Las Vegas on their way home from visiting Karyn and her family. She complained about being very tired and then passed out. They got her to the hospital where they discovered she had blood clots in her lungs. They gave her blood thinners but unfortunately some clots made it to her heart. She passed away Friday night.
It's kind of a strange feeling. It's not like we saw her everyday so it almost doesn't seem quite true. The last time we did see her was at her wedding. The kids were talking tonight about going to the reception and sitting in the limo Kristen and Keith got for the night. They remembered the bubbles in wedding cake shaped containers. They remember the jelly beans, the waterfall, going into the bridal suite.
I have been emailing Karyn. One of the hardest things for everyone is knowing this little girl won't remember her mommy. She won't ever taste the bread her mom was so good at baking. She won't be able to share the Dr Pepper her mom would sneak to her nieces and nephew.
Being so far away makes us feel a little helpless. We have decided to make a book for Kaylee. A book about Kaylee's mom. A book that will hopefully bring her a little closer to someone who loves her so much. We want to add Kristen's favorite things and the everyday things. Her pictures. Her recipes.
If you were in Kaylee's place, what would you want to know?

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Jonathan and Cheri said...

Wow - that's awfully sad =( I'm sorry for your loss! I think it's perfect exactly what you're already going to do =)