Saturday, September 3, 2011

Always Playing Catch Up

Once again I find myself trying to get caught up on here. Here is a brief update on more of our summer fun.

We had our England family reunion. So fun and perfect weather.

Dale took people up in the helicopter.

The Stutzmans shared their waterfront with us.

Dave took us out in his boat. Cade didn't want to drive but I made him. I think this might be what you would call a set up picture. He was a little concerned about going too fast. I don't think he had to worry about that with Dave.

These are some of my favorite ladies!

After the family reunion, Granny Janny and Papa Butch kept their 7 grandkids and sent the parents away.

Cade finally making it to the Stutzmans floating dock without a life jacket.

You would think Matt and I would enjoy some time alone but unfortunately Matt had to go on a business trip.

We have been needing to redo our bathroom floor and we are finally almost done. What a pain.

Matt goes to Vancouver BC quite a bit for work. This last trip the kids and I tagged along.

Olympic Cauldron

The kids thought the floating gas station was the best.

On the waterfront.

The harbour seals would hangout by the docks because the fishing charters would clean their fish here and feed them the heads.

The cauldron at night.

Looking for starfish and seal.

View from our room.

At the border.

That is about it for summer. Matt took the kids to my parents yesterday so they could hit the waterslides before all the craziness starts. Oh and to see Granny Janny and Papa Butch.

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