Sunday, November 28, 2010


Whenever the kiddos have 1/2 days at school, I still have to stay the whole day. The kids were supposed to have 1/2 days two Fridays ago and then again last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It was parent/teacher conference time. It started to snow and stick on Monday so all the students went home at the regularly scheduled 1/2 day time. The district strongly suggested that staff should leave as soon as the kids got out. Given the fact that we live across the street from the school, I knew I would be fine getting home but with Matt out of town, I thought my kids would do better with me home. Monday night we got the email saying there would be no school on Tuesday. I was really hoping we would get the same email regarding Wednesday so we could head over to mom and dads sooner. Lucky for us Wednesday was canceled so we all got a long Thanksgiving break. The trip over to Manson took us a long time not because the roads were terrible but there was an accident on Snoqualmie and a slowpoke on Blewitt. We have not been to Manson for a while so it was nice to get away. 

Here is a photo recap of our vacation...

Turkey Bowl was inside this year. I think it may have 'warmed up' to 15 degrees.


Snow Surfing/Eating Snow (Maddy's picture is blurry but I had to be equal in the eating snow dept)

Baking Lion House Rolls with Granny Janny

The trip home was uneventful which is nice. We did see a lot of wildlife...buffalo, coyote, a hawk capturing a rabbit. Glad the ice was on the mountain and not on the road. So glad we got to go but glad to be relaxing at home.

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